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Our mission is to teach music as a language, speak, love and understand it as your native tongue. Our teachers have various degrees in music, education, psychology. As a team of professional educators we combine more than 150 years of teaching experience and love of sharing the Gift of Music. Olenka School of Music has won parents’ recognition in Maryland Family Magazine and Howard County Magazine for being the best place to take music classes and lessons in 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006, and 2005.

Music Together

Infant-5 years

Susan Borchers, Sharon Blessing, Sonia Bosch-Rosich, Lisa Burgess, Lala Lonchyna, Jennifer Parde, Regina Wade

Keyboard Beginners/Intermediate

age 3-5, 4-adult

Olenka Stasyshyn, Susan Borchers, Elena Bogatyreva, Brian Forte, Tanya Lashkievich, Lala Lonchyna, Lyuba Morgunova, Jennifer Parde

Voice Ensembles/Groups and Children's Chorus

age 6-adult

Sharon Blessing, Lala Lonchyna, Jennifer Parde

Guitar Groups

age 6-15

Charles Shipley, Brian Forte

Piano & Keyboards, Music Theory, Individual Lessons


Elena Bogatyreva, Zhanna DeGrafft, Brian Forte, Tanya Lashkievich, Lala Lonchyna, Lyuba Morgunova, Jennifer Parde, Jeremy Ricketson, Valentina Shadrina

Vocal, Individual Lessons


Jennifer Parde, Zhanna DeGrafft



Lydia Chernicoff, Martha Bruce



Hannah Pressley



Brian Forte, Charles Shipley, Dan Toal

Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute


Bruce Coates, Denis Malloy

Trumpet, and Brass Instruments


Nicholas Reider, David Phillips



Dan Toal

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